In the Silver Creek area of Creek County, or what most people now refer to as Granby Ranch, there are plenty of lodging options, from big to small, and luxury to budget. Even ski-in-ski-out, if that is your flavor during the winter months.

Here are the places that typically have the best options and deals.

Silver Creek/Granby Ranch VRBO
They list 300+ places to stay, but that must either be including every last room in all lodges or all the way back through Fraser. At any rate, while there is usually a different owner/manager for each place, we have only had good experiences with VRBO rentals. We don’t like the added management fee that has been tacked on recently, but we don’t expect it to last. They are getting killed by AirBnB, so I think they are trying to find revenue wherever they can make it, but I think they are doing this backwards and driving up their own prices. We’ll see. Something we have found can work is to get on the phone with them, meaning call the owner or leave your number for them to call. If you get one that is managed by a company, you can usually wheel and deal with them as they know what’s going to happen if you go through another platform.

Granby Ranch AirBnB
We like AirBnB also. Tons if not absolute overlap with VRBO, but between the two, this is probably every spot in the area. Prices aren’t always the same. In general, we find AirBnB to be cheaper, given the above-mentioned fees that VRBO is now adding into the mix.

Inn at Silver Creek
A mid-range establishment a little drive from the ski base. 350 rooms, meeting space, standard other amenities. Most of these units are time-shared so there is a lot of variance, room-to-room in terms of what is allowed (pets, for example), pricing, etc. This is a good place for a retreat. It’s cheap enough that the company can afford several rooms, close enough to fun stuff that you aren’t completely isolated, and far enough away that there aren’t tons of distractions. Plus, you can rent ski and snowboard gear right from the main office. Now that’s handy.