This was the ski area in Silver Creek Basin, often referred to as the Silver Creek Ski Area. SolVista is no more. It is now Ski Granby at Granby Ranch. This is just up the road from Winter Park. SolVista and Ski Granby has always been a great area for kids to learn to ski. It is the smallest ski resort in the state, but will be a larger one if you have been skiing in Michigan or Upstate NY.

The mountain is around 400 acres, but it is gentle, made for kids with plenty of kids’ stuff throughout, like mazes and such.

Don’t worry adults. There are a few runs on skier’s left that are for better skiers. It is a separate hill and is maybe the place for your kids to try to get to. Much steeper than the front side, but nowhere near the steepness of an Aspen or Telluride or even Winter Park.

All-in-all, it is a great place for families and a great place to teach anyone how to ski because of the easy terrain and most everyone here is here for the same reason, so you can feel comforted that you aren’t in the way of skiers who are very advanced.

Plus, Ski Granby is typically the cheapest lift ticket in Colorado, usually around $65/day or the $146 as you see for a 3-day lift ticket.

And if anyone in your group graduates or has already graduated from the skill level at Ski Granby, they can hop the bus and ski Winter Park just a few miles away.