Hiking in Silver Creek

There are many opportunities to be active in the Silver Creek area, and a great way to explore your surroundings is through a hike. Situated at the base of magnificent mountains and natural landscapes, Silver Creek hiking trails are gorgeous. We’ll talk about the prominent Silver Creek Trail and the Sarvis Creek Trail. 

About Silver Creek Trail 

Silver Creek Trails runs 11.7 miles, point to point. There is an elevation gain of about 725 feet. The trail runs through the Sarvis Creek Wilderness area, which is monitored by the U.S. Forest Service. The Forest Service keeps the terrain well-protected, and the trail is only lightly trafficked. 

The wildflower meadows are a key feature of the trail. The natural waterfalls and creeks keep the vegetation nicely hydrated. The heavily forested parts of the trail provide ample shade for hikers as well. At the higher points on the trail, you can overlook rapids and sheer rock cliffs. Eventually, the trail brings you over Silver Creek. 

This trail is ideal for day hiking or backpacking. You can also go horseback riding along the trail. 

 About Sarvis Creek Trail 

Be prepared to “leave no trace,” while enjoying the Sarvis Creek Trail. The trail is in the Gorge Range. The trail gets its name from the Sarvis Timber Company, whose historic logging operations are visible from the trail. 

You can expect to see a variety of wildlife and many different species of trees, like spruce, aspen, and fir trees. You will also trek alongside the streams of Sarvis Creek and eventually cross them. 

Hunters and hikers use the trail a fair amount during peak season. It is very common to see many horses on weekends and other popular days. The trail is best suited for one-day hikes as there are no campgrounds along the trail. 

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